Welcome to the website for Information Seeking/Retrieval/Behavior group at the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University. The group is run by Dr. Chirag Shah, and includes several PhD, Masters, as well as undergraduate students. Like us on or follow us on

Following are the core objectives of this group in the context of information seeking/retrieval/behavior:

  • Promote independent research among students (undergrads as well as grads) and faculty.
  • Read and discuss scholarly articles.
  • Engage in sharing and discussing research ideas and explore collaborative research opportunities.

There are several research projects this group is engaged in, including collaborative information seeking, social Q&A, search strategies, and browsing behaviors.

During a school semester we meet once a week for about an hour. We read scholarly articles, share our research progress, and discuss new problems. We also share new research ideas and find possible avenues for conducting individual and collaborative research projects. Look at the Bibliography page for our reading list, and Research page for ongoing research projects of this group.

For Spring 2014, we will meet every Wednesday at noon in InfoSeeking Lab (Room 303) in the SC&I building. Lunch will be served!

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