Chirag Shah

Lab Director, iSchool and Computer Science faculty

Information seeking; Social media; Data analytics

Rebecca Reynolds

iSchool faculty

Group-based e-learning; Game design

Vivek Singh

iSchool and Computer Science collaborating faculty

Sensor-aware information seeking; Multimedia information systems

Kaitlin Costello

iSchool faculty

Social Media; Health informatics; Information behavior

Sunyoung Kim

iSchool and Computer Science faculty

Human-Computer Interaction, Technology for Health care, Everyday wellbeing & Environmental sustainability

Dongho Choi

iSchool PhD Student

Information behavior in and around social media, social media mining

Souvick Ghosh

iSchool PhD Student

Machine Learning, Social Media Analysis, Text Analysis, NLP

Long Le

Computer Science PhD Student

Data mining, machine learning on community Q&A, social network, and large scale networks

Jiqun Liu

iSchool PhD Student

Human information behavior

Soumik Mandal

iSchool PhD Student

Information retrieval, Search behavior, Human Information Behavior

Ziad Matni

iSchool PhD Student

Using social media tools to help us understand ourselves, our social networks, and our communities

Matthew Mitsui

Computer Science PhD Student

User search behavior, collaborative information seeking, and simulations of user behavior

Jonathan Pulliza

iSchool PhD Student

Text Mining; Machine Learning

Manasa Rath

iSchool PhD Student

Social information seeking; Community-based Q&A; IR

Shannon Tomlinson

iSchool PhD Student

Human information behavior; Accessibility

Yiwei Wang

iSchool PhD Student

Human-computer interaction; Health informatics

Twisha Ajwani

Business School Master Student

Jiho An

iSchool Master Student

Shawon Sarkar

iSchool Master Student

Shishir Shetty

Business School Master Student

Wei Shi

Information program Master Student

Sameera Somisetty

Computer Science Master Student

Rajvi Mehta

Computer Science

Chahna Patel

Biomedical Engineering

Jhanvi Virani

Computer Science and History

Niranjana Ganesh

Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Diana Floegel

Administrative Assistant

Abdurahman Sherif

Designer and Webmaster

  • Postdocs
    • Christopher Leeder (PhD from UMich)
    • Ying Zheng (Chinese Academy of Science)

  • PhD Students
    • Eun Baik (iSchool PhD student)
    • Robyn Caplan (JMS PhD student)
    • Erik Choi (iSchool PhD student - lab graduate)
    • Charlie File (JMS PhD student)
    • Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez (iSchool PhD student - lab graduate)
    • Muge Haseki (Comm PhD student)
    • Chathra Hendahewa (CS PhD student - lab graduate)
    • Minkyung Lee (iSchool PhD student)
    • Stephanie Mikitish (iSchool PhD student)
    • Pamela Read (iSchool PhD student)
    • Xiao Qin (iSchool PhD student)
    • Jacob Sanchez (Comm PhD student)
    • Sun Si (iSchool PhD student)
    • Jennifer Sonne (iSchool PhD student)
    • SeoYoon Sung (iSchool PhD student)
    • Laure Soulier (Visiting PhD student from IRIT, France)
    • Linnan Wang (MAE PhD student)

  • Masters Students
    • Nazanin Andalibi (Visitor)
    • Stephanie DiGiovanni (MCIS student)
    • Becky Kolberg (MLIS student)
    • Daulat Lakhani (MCIS student)
    • Ivo Leonhardt (MLIS exchange student)
    • Tayebeh Yazdani nina (MLIS student - lab graduate)
    • Lupita S-O'Brien (MLIS student - lab graduate)
    • Jaqueline M. Woolcott (MLIS student - lab graduate)
    • Chuxu Zhang (CS student - lab graduate)

  • Undergraduate Students
    • Hoda Abdolrazek (ITI - lab graduate)
    • Basil Ahmad (CS and Math)
    • Kevin Albertson (CS and Math - lab graduate)
    • Abhijna Baddi (ITI - lab graduate)
    • Josh Cartagena (ITI - lab graduate)
    • Claire Digirolamo (Visiting student from George Washington University)
    • Changling Huang (CS and Math)
    • Yan Li (ITI - lab graduate)
    • Dan Pan (CS)
    • Kanan Parikh (ITI - lab graduate)
    • Kaushal Parikh (CS)
    • Zachary E. Pinner (ITI)
    • Phillip Quiza (CS - lab graduate)
    • Josue Reyes (ITI - lab graduate)
    • SaraAnn Stanway (CS)
    • Daniel Su (ECE)
    • Jose Uben (ITI - lab graduate)
    • Serife Uzun (Biotech - lab graduate)

  • Staff
    • Amanda Geng (Designer and Webmaster)
    • Emily LaBeaume (Lab Assistant)
    • Bethany Longfellow (Conceptual Artist)
    • Danielle Reay (Lab Assistant)
    • Chui Tang (Designer and Webmaster)